"Titan Dealer Services has helped us increase our PVR to $1000 per car and we are completely compliant as well"
Jeremy Kiel, GM
Deland Dodge
    Training & Development
Titan Dealer Services is the leading provider of in-house automotive dealership Classroom Training. Our instructors have been working in the field for over 20 years, and have developed training methods and material that have aided dealerships increase their CSI scores, and more importantly, increased their product's sales.

Our CBT (Computer-Based Training) programs are truly top-notch. We use industry-standard applications loaded with full-motion video and audio segments, professional graphics and an easy to navigate, intuitive menu system. CBT can be used to train new staff and employees, or it can be used as a refresher course when employee stats require a "tune-up."

Titan Dealer Services recommends using our on-site classroom training in combination with our CBT programs. With both training regimens accomplished, your sales staff, managers, and F&I staff are guaranteed to show significant increases in profitability, and elimination of disclosure and compliance concerns.

    Training Programs Offered

We offer training for the following: (click title for more information)
Salesperson Training (Covers advanced sales techniques and more...)
Sales Manager Training (Covers topics such as Disclosure, Compliance, and many more...)
F&I Training (Increase CSI scores and more...)

We offer CBT (Computer-Based Training) for the following: (click title for more information)
Salesperson CBT Training (Includes videotaped sales presentations)
Sales Manager CBT Training (Includes deal-closing techniques)
F&I CBT Training (Includes updates for all current laws)

    CBT Screenshots

Some screenshots from the Titan Dealer Services CBT (Computer-Based Training) modules for F&I Managers and Salespeople are shown below.

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