Titan Dealer Services offers their dealers a dealer participation on the products in their finance portfolio such as VSC, Maintenance, GAP, Etch, Tire & Wheel, and more.

    Products & Services
Titan Dealer Services offers a full portfolio of innovative Finance and Insurance products. These products are all under written by AM Best A-Rated companies at the most competitive prices and structure in the industry.
    Vehicle Service Contracts

Vehicle Service Contracts allows customer to purchase an extended warranty on new or pre owned qualifying vehicles that is in effect after the manufacturer's warranty expires. Service Contracts enable you to extend the coverage on your car, truck or SUV beyond the manufacturer's New Vehicle Limited Warranty - all the way up to 7 years or 100,000 miles. What's more, Service Contracts offers plans for extra coverage on features such as Scheduled Maintenance, Car Rental and Convenience Packages.

    Tire & Wheel

The Titan Dealer Services Tire & Wheel package offers tire and wheel replacements in the event of road hazard damage.

    GAP Coverage

Our plan provides you financial protection in case your purchased or leased vehicle is stolen or totaled in an accident. There are two types of gap coverage. One is a waiver by the lessor of the gap amount if the vehicle is stolen or totaled. The other is a contract by a third party to cover the gap amount. Under either type, you may remain responsible for the insurance deductible and for other amounts deducted from the insured amount of the vehicle by your insurance company.

    Certified Maintenance
The Titan Dealer Services Certified Maintenance Program offers a turn-key opportunity for dramatic improvement in fixed operations retention and incremental F&I profits. Key benefits of the program include the following: Introduction and Thank You Letter Mailed to Customer, Customized Customer Coupon Books, Customized Service Reminders Mailed to Customers, Weekly Customized Service Specials on Reminders, and much more!
    Lifetime Tires

The Titan Dealer Services Lifetime Tires Program offers the combined advantages of a unique marketing program along with a superior customer retention strategy. New vehicle customers are offered free lifetime tires with their vehicle purchase. The only requirement of the customer to receive the benefit is to have all scheduled maintenance performed at the dealership.

    Etch & Replacement Etch

Highly recommended by police departments and insurance companies for effectiveness, marking a vehicle's parts with traceable numbers deters theft. Even though vehicle manufacturers discretely mark some parts, it doesn’t seem to be enough. By permanently installing visible, nationally registered and traceable serial numbers into your vehicle's glass, body components and accessories and you can greatly reduce auto theft and aid in recovery. Vehicle theft is a business and it’s just not worth the risk to professional thieves to have one of these marked vehicles or it’s parts in their possession.

    Lifetime Warranty

Titan's Lifetime Warranty Program is the most powerful branding and marketing program you'll ever experience—bottom line. Here's why:

  • There are no catches or fine print.
  • We train your salespeople how to easily communicate the power advantages of the program to your customers.
  • It not only supercharges new and used sales—it drives service contract sales, maintenance penetration and service retention.
  • You can replace your factory certified program with a lifetime warranty for less than a third of the price.
  • A customer perceived value of $500 to $1500.

Here's what you'll be able to offer your customers:

  • A duplication of the factory power train warranty that is good for an unlimited time and unlimited miles.
  • A warranty that is honored at any licensed repair shop in the U.S. and Canada .
  • One of the top underwriters in the world to stand behind the program (Great American Insurance Company).

Here are the results our clients have experienced :

  • New vehicle sales increase of 9% to 20%.
  • Used vehicle sales increase of 8% to 17%.
  • Front end gross profit increase of $150 to $400
  • Service contract sales increase of 6% to 18%
  • Pre-Paid Maintenance sales increase of 10% to 28%.
  • Customer pay repair order increase of 34% to 83%.

Contact Us to request an information package on Lifetime Warranty.

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