Dealer participation is when your underwriter provides participation in the premium and investment income generated by the sale of your finance products.

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The best person to complete this questionnaire is the Office Manager or Comptroller

All products that currently offer participation (e.g. Service Contract) will have an administration fee. Non participating products (e.g. GAP) will simply have a dealer cost. Please include all fees associated with each product; administration, stop loss, obligor surcharges, etc. Please note if the fees are monthly or annually. All cost should be calculated net of incentive. Volume is the average monthly total.

    What You Should Know

What our due diligence uncovered is the F&I product and pricing arena is by far the easiest and most lucrative untapped area for you.

We use the size of the Titan dealer body to negotiate preferred finance and insurance pricing with a variety of lucrative finance structures to offer our clients.

Most of our clients are too busy concentrating on day to day business (selling cars) to pay attention to the unbelievable profit center that is there for the taking.

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    What We Can Do For You

After our research, and beta testing the program with several of our dealers, it's obvious that most clients' are missing/forfeiting/etc. hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year simply because they haven't been offered what's available in the market.

If you take the time to fill out and submit the Account Data Sheet attached to the e-mail, which will take your controller all of 5 minutes, we will likely be able to increase your F&I bottom line

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